Jose Abel Fontiveros

Master of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

Sintesi is the latin root for the word synthesis. Sintesi's projects are a synthesis of art and architecture. Their first challenge was a to do the design and construction of a tiny fixer upper bungalow remodel in Manhattan Beach, California. The client, having requested a unique design using natural materials on a shoestring budget, was in for a surprise. This first Sintesi project was chosen for its innovative and artistic design by Metropolitan Home magazine, as one of the 1997 "10 Winners" in its annual contest, and the rest, as they say is history. Sintesi has become known for crafting designs that provide unique solutions to space and budget constraints.

Sintesi's work leans towards modernism and is often experimental without risking clients' functional needs and budgetary constraints. At a macro level, it is very important for Sintesi to create connections between the indoors and outdoors by maximizing natural daylight and using it to create spaces, using natural materials and designing open floor plans when appropriate. At a micro level, they are very meticulous about the design details and quality of construction. They also enjoy designing some of the furniture for each project, to create pieces that are unique and integrated with the architecture. Sintesi and their clients have found it ideal for Sintesi to be in charge of both design and construction in order to have a smooth streamlined process from concept sketch to house-warming party. Sintesi is also able to better protect clients' interests by managing construction costs and time schedules.

Sintesi is deeply concerned about the environment. Sintesi uses principles of ecological design using "green" materials whenever possible as well as basic principles of energy efficiency and human comfort in all their projects.

Most of Sintesi's work consists of residential and commercial tenant improvements in Southern California with a few projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their work does not have a specific style, but rather is a result of a merging of their clients' dreams, budgets and functional needs with a design concept, then translating them into physical spaces that use inexpensive or unexpected materials to create new environments to enjoy life in.